Congratulations and welcome to learning more about “On Demand”!

You are about to add a very important safety program

for you and your employees!

We offer all company software and programming and

Personal Emergency Profiles for your employees

absolutely “FREE”. That’s right, FREE!

Registration, downloading app and operating of software

is as easy as 1…2…3! (and we’re not kidding!)

Step 1

Please register your Company

Step 2

Expect a “welcome email” (sample below) with your account credentials.

(Paste a sample of a welcome email)

Hello Sample Company,

Welcome to the new “On Demand” program!

On Demand is raising the bar on employee safety!

Your “On Demand” account is ready to use and is “free”!

Here is your instructions for using “On Demand”:

Download our “On Demand” app here:

After installing the On Demand app, use the following log credentials for your On Demand app and WordPress account:

Login URL: Username: Password: SFc54C@5iPop

For your On Demand app, click the "Submit button" and immediately view your company webpage we have created.

As employees sign up for their “free” or a subscription account at: they are automatically added to your company webpage.

That’s it!

We know you will find this information vital in any situation.

This app and download information should be provided to your

authorized company department heads and administrators.

Your employees can be instructed how to sign up and automatically be added to your company program roster. 

Thank you again for your interest in “On Demand”

for your company and your employees!

How to use "On Demand" after calling 911:

Step 1

Tap the “On Demand” app on your electronic device and
immediately view your company page with employees names and their QR Code


Step 2

Locate the injured persons name and “tap” on the QR Code next to their name
Step 3

Scroll to view that individual’s Personal Emergency Profile and vital information.

With this vital information in hand, your medical team can take better affirmative action in applying treatment or forward this profile to oncoming EMT’s or to any healthcare facility.

Seconds count during any emergency and this is where On Demand shines!

Each Personal Emergency Profile contains vital information of that individual such as: medical alerts/conditions, prescription list, allergies, blood type, emergency contacts, and over 20 profile options.

With this information in hand, your medical team can take better affirmative action or forward this profile to oncoming EMT’s or to any healthcare facility.

Having access to vitals are critical during any emergency!

How are employees automatically added to my company list?

Step 2

Select the "Free" plan, monthly or annual subscription plan




Step 3

As each employee is checking out, they will need to select your company/business name from the drop down window to be automatically added:

Select your company to be added to "On Demand" ⇓
That’s it!

We would love to hear your comments and any experiences when using On Demand.

Call us at 888-723-0786 or email us:

These “free” business and employee accounts do have profile limitations.

For the Company

We do offer VIP packages if you should choose to upgrade from your free account.

To upgrade your company account, select either package:



$25 per month package includes:
$50 per month package includes:

Upgrades for the Employee

Any employee who chooses to upgrade and add more features to their Personal Emergency Profile can do so when they are logged in their account profile.
All saved edits that an employee makes to their Personal Emergency Profile will show up automatically on the company’s list.

Here's How Our System Works

2. Login to Your Account

Once you receive your confirmation email, you can access your account by clicking on the “Account Access” link on the top of the home page. Enter the login credentials that were provided in your email.

3. Upload Your Information

Each account contains a “profile template”. Log-in anytime to edit or update information. Understand that “only” the account owner can access to make edits to your profile. Scanning your QR Code during any emergency will provide a “view only” mode of your personal emergency profile. When filing out the profile template, “do not” post any sensitive or private information.
Here are fields you have the option of filling in:

4. Check the Mail

You will receive “20” of your assigned QR Coded stickers within 4-10 days via USPS. Suggested uses for stickers are:

5. Immediately test your QR Code stickers.

If you don’t already have a QR code scanner, click one of the icons below to download and install free for your iOS or Android device. Scanning your QR code will provide an instant view of the health information you uploaded. If not, please contact us for help at (888)723-0786 or Need a scanner app?
Download and install the free QR scanner app:

6. Have Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that under any circumstances, your personal emergency profile is ready and available anywhere in the world!

Here's How Our System Works

Choose a Monthly or Annual subscription


Login to Your Account


Upload Your Information


Check the Mail


Immediately test your QR Code stickers.


Have Peace of Mind



The powerful “On Demand” program is a new safety program that focuses on employees by providing quick access to Personal Emergency Profiles. Our proprietary patent programming allows the admin user the ability to handle emergency any situations no matter where the location. On Demand is the “new” face of safety for today’s employees.

When seconds count, “On Demand” could be the difference between life or death!


  • Employees are automatically added to company or department registry page
  • Company owners or medical teams have an instant view of their employee profiles
  • Free account for the Company and profiles for employees
  • Employee has ability to upgrade anytime
  • Employee edits and controls what information is posted on their profile


Personal Emergency

Whether it’s a paramedic, loved one, friend or a good Samaritan who responds to your emergency first, our proprietary technology will instantly provide the timely life-saving information needed that can save your life!

What’s also so unique about this system is YOU have complete control over the information you provide, it’s secure and very easy to set up.

Our Personal Emergency Profile System is the ultimate solution for everyone, especially the elderly, children and those who travel. Get immediate access to your life-saving information when it’s needed, INSTANTLY!

Here's How Our System Works

Choose a Monthly or Annual subscription


Login to Your Account


Upload Your Information


Check the Mail


Immediately test your QR Code stickers.


Have Peace of Mind


The Anatomy of Account Medical Smart Card and Smart Stickers

QR Client Smart Card and Sticker Specs

a. Business card sized card with company logo
b. Universal medic alert caduceus
c. Client’s full name
d. QR code
e. QR code stickers
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer, causing at least 250,000 deaths every year.


  • Personal Medical Records on Demand using QR code technology (portable/mobile)
  • Secure/Encrypted online account utilizing https encryption
  • Easy editable template to list: Medical Alerts, Prescriptions, Allergies
  • Upload medical directives, history, living will and other medical related documents
  • Desktop Software or Smartphone application for EMT professionals


  • Veteran Owned Small Business {V.O.S.B.}
  • Medical records on demand with proprietary patent pending smartphone application
  • Emergency medical or life alert feature with geo-location feature and altimeter independent of cellular service
  • Cross platform application

Selected Client List

Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard
Federal Agencies: Department of Veteran Affairs (VA Medical Centers and Homes)
State Agencies: Department of Health, Department of Agriculture
Other: Special Needs Organizations; Insurance Industry, School Districts, Bureau of Prisons, Humane Society, Senior Living


Watch the video to learn how.

Here's How Our System Works