“On Demand”
“let’s put smart to work”

How “On Demand” works:

“On Demand” was developed with the safety of employees in mind utilizing QR Code technology combined with custom app programming. The app from “On Demand” provides an immediate view of a participants’ medical profile to include, alerts, conditions, emergency contacts, and so much more.

How does it work?


First, each company will need to Register. There is no charge to register.


Click here to Register


Second, after registration has been approved, you can expect a welcome email that will include your own private “Uniform Resource Locator” (aka URL) secure link, sign-in credentials, and the “On Demand” app with installation instructions.


See sample company home page.



Go ahead….tap on or scan the QR Codes to view the sample profiles!


For any emergency…..DIAL “911”


After calling 911:


(1) Tap the “On Demand” app on your device and immediately view your company home page.


(2) Scroll down list of individuals’ names and their QR Codes.


(3) Tap on their QR Code and immediately view that person’s profile!


How are individuals added to my company home page?


Whether companies pay for this service or have their employees pay for an Account Medical profile, individuals that sign up at https://accountmedical.com/ will select their company from a drop down window in the box marked: “Select your company to be added to “On Demand”


How did my company name get there?


During registration, your company name was automatically added


Click here to Register

So what’s this “On Demand” custom programming going to cost?


We offer 2 Options.

You can make your selection after receiving your welcome email.